About Us

The Company

World Trade Solution, LLC is gradually expanding its desktops & laptops sales in wholesale & below retail prices to end users and small businesses. We have two primary goals:

  1. To encourage the US computing industry to shift away from the practice of paying retail and sometimes paying overpriced for high end laptop or a desktop.
  2. To improve online shopping from a complicated, stressful, and opaque experience to one that goes beyond simple retail altogether and includes complete transparency service, tech support, and much more.

We are always working to develop a website and company that reflects these goals. We offer the widest (and best) selection of laptops and desktops to all over the nation & Canada and United Kingdom. We have helped so many customers already save hundreds of dollars in their computing needs by offering most affordable & competitive prices.

And our aim of offering a secure, transparent, and fun online shopping experience is the reason we are completely open about who we are and offer more than just customer service—not only can you keep in touch with us 24/7 through an email,system. but, if you need to speak to a live person, you can request that via email from us and when you call, it doesn’t just have to be about what laptop or desktop to buy. It can be for tech support, advice on what laptop will better suit you, & you can also ask us if we can obtain an item that we do not have it listed or ask us for any upcoming hottest items, or to learn about seeking an opportunity with us.

We will start in near future a program where we will select a random customer every month from our database and give a mystery bonus gift from our mystery bonus gift box. These mystery bonus gifts would be from these categories:

·Mp3 Players

·Sunglasses (brand names worth upto $395) (include but not limited to: Versace, Chanel, Emporio Armani, Gucci, Christian Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, ESCADA, etc)

·Music Cds



·Dress or T-Shirts (high end brand names such as or similar to Sunglasses brands)

·Worldtradesolution.com points towards next purchase

·External Portable Hard Drive

-Flash Drives

-& Much Much More Variety Of Products