How We Process

World Trade Solution LLC : We strive our best to satisfy our loyal customers as possible. We have already saved consumers thousands of dollars each year throughout United States and Canada. Our products are always better than other resellers because we always try to inspect the product and install the operating system, install drivers, activate windows operating systems, Clean the products if needed to be cleaned but 98% of them are pre-cleaned. 90% of the times COAs are in-tact on the back of the units. We describe the products in depth such as: if there are any minor scratches, blemishes or hairline cracks, or any not too obvious scratches we try our best to describe every bit of it. So, that there are no doubts in what the customer is getting from us. Most important factor is that compare to other resellers don't show their loyal customers about how long the battery will last for but vice versa we do. We charge the batteries fully and try to see what the battery icon indicates to us.

Process before listing the item: We test and install operating systems and its drivers. We make sure that we get every single drivers installed and charge the battery to 100% full charge.

Process after the item is sold: We test the unit once more and re-charge the battery to the fullest to make sure that our loyal customers get the satisfaction from our hard effort that we put into these great machines for you.