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Canon ES8600 Hi8 Camcorder w/ 2.5" Color LCD Screen, 800X Zoom

Canon ES8600 Hi8 Camcorder w/ 2.5" Color LCD Screen, 800X Zoom

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  • Product Highlights
  • Hi8 camcorder with 22x optical, 800x digital zoom
  • 2.5 inch high-resolution color LCD with monochrome electronic viewfinder (EVF)
  • Digital photo mode records stills to tape
  • Built-in light, image stabilizer
  • Comes with White Box, & Brown Box, Camcorder, Manual, Power Charger, Power Cord, Battery Pack, A/V Cables, Strap - Grade A  - SKU #: 06158 & 09882
  • Lens
    The ES8600's powerful 22x optical zoom lens transforms distant scenes into dramatic close-ups with absolutely no loss of image quality. The extra-long digital zoom magnifies to 800x, revealing details too distant to be seen by the naked eye.

    Canon's exclusive FlexiZone AF-AE (autofocus-autoexposure) functions keep you concentrated on the action rather than on trying to find the ideal setting for each moment. Simply use the FlexiZone controller to align the FlexiZone in the viewfinder with your subject, and you'll get perfect focus and exposure anywhere within the frame.

    More Features
    Give variety and impact to your shots by adding a variety of digital effects, including art, black and white, fade, sepia, negative, mirror, mosaic, 16:9, cinema, strobe, ghost--and all at the touch of a button.

    A high-quality image-stabilization system corrects camera shake instantly, giving you smooth, stable pictures. It enables you to record shake-free images, even on telephoto shots without a tripod.

    Other features include:

    • Photo mode lets you record still images with sound onto the tape for approximately 7 seconds
    • The time-base corrector digitally processes the video signal for a more stable picture, ensuring better playback for viewing or copying
    • The tape-analyzing system analyzes the characteristics of each tape you use and adjusts the recording signal to that most appropriate for each tape

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